Assessment for Persons with Profound or Severe Impairments (APPSI-2)


Second Edition
Sharon Bradley-Johnson | C. Merle Johnson | Patricia Connard | Joel R. Arick | David A. Krug
  • Ages Mental age of 0 through 24 months
  • Testing Time 15 - 60 mintues
  • Administration Individual
  • Product Code 14745 ( MR #067465 )

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The APPSI-2 is an easy-to-administer test built specifically for clinicians working with clients of any age who are preverbal and functioning at a mental age of 0 to 24 months. The test’s second edition has been fully reconceptualized to create an assessment system that is comprehensive enough to aid in planning effective individualized instruction for these examinees. Results can be used to:
  1. identify abilities and behaviors that clients are able to demonstrate
  2. plan effective intervention
  3. monitor progress in mastery of new abilities.
The APPSI-2 also aids in defining an individual’s preferred methods of communication, which is most useful for planning instruction to enhance these individuals’ independence.
The five APPSI-2 domains (Alertness, Preferences, Problem-Solving Prerequisites, Communication, and Social–Emotional) cover both foundational learning components and major developmental components. Specifically, the APPSI-2 measures an examinee’s alertness, the types of stimuli likely to evoke his or her attention, and the rewards likely to serve as reinforcers, all of which are important foundational components of instructional planning, particularly for this population.
The APPSI-2 also measures an examinee’s prerequisite problem-solving skills, ability to communication with others, and social–emotional abilities—important traits for the examinee’s successful development and for enhancing his or her quality of life. Depending on the type and amount of information needed for instructional planning, clinicians can administer the entire APPSI-2, a combination of several domains, or a single domain at any given time.