Logemann's Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders

Third Edition
book (with online access to resources)
Jeri A. Logemann | Katherine A. Hutcheson | Heather M. Stammer | Michelle R. Clucci | Patricia J. Gibbons | Glen M. Tellis
  • Pages 440
  • Format 7" x 10"
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This revision of Dr. Jeri Logemann’s landmark work incorporates the vast quantity of new research in swallowing while maintaining Dr. Logemann’s clear language and structured approach to evaluation and treatment based on identifying neurological, anatomical, and physiological etiological factors. It has also been updated with new images that show specific disorders as well as treatment techniques. This edition is a must-have for beginning students through experienced clinicians working with dysphagia.
Discover an in-depth, cohesive approach to the evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders. You’ll review:
  • Normal swallowing physiology,
  • Techniques for screening and evaluating oropharyngeal swallowing, and
  • Procedures for treatment of dysphagia.
The book covers a wide range of populations, including those with:
  • Neurologic disease
  • Sudden-onset neurologic damage
  • Head and neck cancer
Focusing on clinical problem solving, this book provides you with the tools necessary to manage adult patients with dysphagia and the knowledge to determine the best methods for assessment and treatment. An ideal resource on the topic of dysphagia, it defines procedures clearly. The text covers normal anatomy and physiology, assessment, treatment, and application to special populations. Use it to develop an efficient, effective approach to patient care.
Already a thorough revision, this edition also features a companion website with high quality images, videos, flash cards, image quizzes, and test questions so students can review their understanding of the material. Additionally, the website’s repository of video vignettes depicts various swallowing disorders. Students can pause, rewind, fast forward, and use the detailed narratives provided with each video to improve their understanding.

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