Counseling Persons with Communication Disorders and Their Families

Seventh Edition
David M. Luterman
  • Pages 248
  • Format 6" x 9" (softcover)
  • Copyright 2024
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Counseling Persons With Communication Disorders and Their Families is a seminal work that has become a standard text in counseling courses within the field of communication disorders. In this seventh edition, David Luterman provides a personal and professional history of counseling education, beginning with a new overview chapter that includes a definition of counseling, with the goal of empowering clients.
New to this edition are updates on relevant counseling literature and a new section on the counseling relationship and counseling difficult clients. A theoretical basis for the counseling model is presented, as well as many practical suggestions for the student or practicing clinician to increase their skills in clinical settings.
Table of Contents
History: Personal and Otherwise
The Nature of Counseling: An Overview
Contemporary Theories of Counseling
The Erikson Life Cycle and Relationships
The Emotions of Communication Disorders
Counseling and the Diagnostic Process
Techniques of Counseling
The Group Process
Working With Families
Counseling and the Field of Communication Disorders
Summing Up