The Listening Inventory (TLI)

Complete Kit

Donna Geffner, PhD | Deborah Ross-Swain, EdD, CCC-SLP
  • Ages 4 through 17 years
  • Testing Time 15 minutes
  • Administration Individual
  • Product Code 8342-0 ( MR #035130 )

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The Listening Inventory (TLI) is an informal behavioral observation completed by parents and/or teachers. The Listening Inventory is a first step to quantify behaviors to see if a child might need evaluation for auditory disorders; it can provide a starting point for discussions with the speechlanguage professional prior to formal evaluation of a child. Six areas are assessed and Index scores are derived for each: linguistic organization, decoding/language mechanics, attention/organization, sensory/motor, social/behavioral and auditory processes. The manual contains background information as well as a guide for interpretation and use of the observations that were made.

Administration and Scoring
The observers (parents, teachers, and other professionals) are given TLI to complete; they then return the Inventory Form to the speech-language professional for interpretation. Statements in the Listening Inventory Form are rated on a 0 to 5 point scale. Index scores are compared to criterion-based cut-off scores to determine clinical significance. The Listening Inventory Form is easy to use, designed to automatically direct scores to the appropriate Index column for quick scoring. Profile forms are provided to assist with score interpretation using convenient graphs.