Speech and Language Development Chart

Third Edition
Peggy Kipping | Addy Gard | Leslea Gilman | Jim Gorman
  • Target Group Birth - 7 years
  • Format 38" x 26" poster
  • Product Code 13718 ( MR #056559 )

Price $30.00

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The Speech and Language Development Chart is updated, refined, and made more user-friendly than ever before! This 38-inch wide by 26-inch deep wall chart continues to serve as a quick and colorful guide for SLPs, pediatricians, parents, early childhood specialists, and teachers of children, preschool through grade 2.
The Speech and Language Development Chart has been completely redesigned to appeal to a contemporary audience with clear descriptions, full-color photographs, and updated content and references. All those concerned with child development will find themselves frequently referring to these charts and mini-posters for their own reference, as a training tool, or as a starting point for discussion and collaboration.
The developmental milestones are arranged into 14 age categories, ranging from birth to 7 years of age. Each age segment lists age appropriate skills in the areas of speech, meaning and concepts, grammar, interactions and expression, and play and movement.
The colorful wall chart is printed on heavy paper and is varnished for protection. Corner holes are pre-drilled for easy hanging and the chart comes in a study cardboard tube to prevent creases.