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Phonological Awareness Kit (Primary)

Carolyn Robertson, M Ed | Wanda Salter, MA, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Ages 5 - 8 years
  • Grades K - 3
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Use a success-oriented program to build requisite reading skills in rhyming, segmenting, and sound placement and blending.

This well-established program links phonological awareness instruction with phonetically-controlled reading and spelling activities to build success and carryover.  The activities and manipulatives can be used with individuals, small groups, or an entire classroom.  
The Phonological Awareness Kit - Primary comes packaged in a vinyl folder containing:
  • 115-page activities manual with goal-directed exercises at word, syllable, phoneme, and grapheme levels (50 reproducible phoneme segmenting activity pages)
  • 76 picture cards
  • 5 number cards
  • family letter
  • home activities
The activities are arranged in this developmental hierarchy:
  • Rhyming—recognition, discrimination, and production of rhyming words
  • Word Level—sentence segmentation and compound word segmentation, blending, isolation, and deletion  
  • Syllable Level—segmentation, blending, isolation, and deletion
  • Phoneme Level—isolation, segmentation, blending, deletion, and substitution
  • Grapheme Level—blending and substituting, substituting and decoding, and decoding and encoding

  • Table of Contents

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