Secord Contextual Articulation Tests (S-CAT)

Complete Kit

Wayne Secord, PhD, CCC-SLP | Richard E. Shine
  • Ages 4 through Adult
  • Testing Time Varies with student
  • Administration Individual
  • Product Code 15029 ( MR #060989 )

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Shorten treatment time with these preproducible articulation and phonology probes!

This unique, three-part program helps SLPs gain greater precision and efficiency in the clinical management of articulation and phonological disorders.
For the first time, it is possible to not only determine the exact pretreatment status for any particular phoneme or phonological process, but also to evaluate progress during treatment, ensure that treatment is targeted where it is most needed, link practice materials to the assessment process, document the overall effectiveness of intervention, and decide with certainty when to dismiss a patient from treatment. It is ideal for use in designing realistic IEPs that contain measurable objectives. Each of the three S-CAT components are self-contained for convenient use and include all stimulus materials, instructions, and money-saving reproducible protocols.
Part 1 – (SPAC) Storytelling Probes of Articulation Competence
  • Provides 25 humorous and delightfully illustrated children’s stories with a minimum of 10, and often more than 20, uses of the target phoneme in a variety of word contexts and syllable functions.
  • Probes each of 23 consonants, vocalic R, and all vowels and diphthongs.
  • Includes a reproducible record form for each target sound.
  • Record forms highlight all target words in the stories for easy tracking of connected speech.
  • Stories are in color to elicit easy repetition by children ages 4 and older.
  • Includes separate story sections for children and adolescents/adults.
  • Spiral-bound book in an easel format presents each story on one side and the text on the other side.
Part 2 –(CPAC) Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence
  • Assumes that both articulation and phonology are dynamic, constantly changing processes that require constant monitoring and responsiveness to the day-to-day changes that result from intervention.
  • In-depth contextual probes assess phonemic and phonological contexts for 23 consonants, vocalic R variations, 11 vowels and four diphthongs, and 16 different phonological processes.
  • Includes a reproducible record form for pretest and posttest probes for all consonants, all spiral-bound.
Part 3 – (TWCT) Target Words for Contextual Training
  • Contains practice words and word combinations for 24 consonant phonemes, vocalic R, and all vowels and diphthongs.
  • Provides over 30,000 training words and word combinations keyed to both the CPAC and SPAC.
  • Includes ideas for facilitating generalization, improving consistency of production, and identifying facilitating context.

  • Copyright 2007