Room 28

A Social Language Program

2-book package
Carolyn M. LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP | Nancy McConnell
  • Ages 11 - 18
  • Grades 6 - Adult
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Students learn how to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and set goals for themselves in Room 28. The social skills program includes activities and complete lesson plans.
This curriculum works well for classrooms and groups and is suited for students with learning disabilities, speech-language disorders, behavior disorders, and those in the regular classroom.
The units and lessons build upon each other.Many skills overlap and some lessons have a review of previous lessons. The language and vocabulary have been controlled especially for students with language or learning disabilities. The Instruction Manual includes goals and activities, background information, activities to introduce the skill areas, and ideas for interactive group exercises. The Activities Book has 150 pages of exercises to guide students to personal application of the learning principles. Copy the student activity pages or print them from the included CD.
The units are organized in a hierarchy:
  • Communication Skills—Learn to use effective communication skills to interact appropriately with others.Understand how comfort zone, body language, and tone of voice affect communication.
  • Understanding Personal Values—Clarify personal beliefs and attitudes and understand how they apply to decision-making.
  • Recognizing & Controlling Emotions—Take responsibility for managing personal emotions.Recognize and respect other people's emotions.
  • Solving Problems—Learn and practice the problem-solving process.Gain perspective on problems and their severity.
  • Resolving Conflicts—Recognize factors that influence conflicts (e.g., personal experience, group dynamics).Evaluate when to avoid a conflict, when to persist, and when to move on.
  • Setting Goals—Develop long-term and short-term personal goals.Plan appropriate action to achieve those goals.

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