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Aphasia Therapy

Lisa Arnold
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This book has something to help every client with aphasia. Forty-one activities are presented, each with a goal, instructions, and compensatory strategies to help you individualize your treatment. Detailed instructions for every task are helpful to beginning clinicians. Use the compensatory strategies to adjust the task difficulty to your clients' abilities—they'll experience immediate success and build motivation!
The functional activities are arranged in a hiearchy of difficulty within three sections: Receptive Language, Reading Comprehension, and Expressive Language.
  • the Receptive Language section begins with imitating common gestures and following commands, and continues with object and picture identification, yes/no questions, and understanding complex paragraphs
  • the Reading Comprehension section begins with letter and word matching (with and without pictures) and progresses to sentence, questions, and paragraph comprehension
  • the Expressive Language section starts with automatic speech (e.g., rote speech such as counting words to familiar songs), continues with picture and object naming, and naming from description, then continues through several more tasks to build sentence formulation and conversational skills

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