CARDS: Attention

spiral-bound book
Katrina Kaiser | Katherine Romero-Davis | Deborah Schott | Christy Yacono Evans
  • Grades 10 - 12+
  • Ages 15 - Adult
  • Pages 25
  • Format 5" x 7"
  • Product Code 31045 ( MR #065954 )

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Clients find it fun to practice and easier to maintain focus with fifty activities that build attention skills using a deck of playing cards.
The convenient pocket-size book has forty activities to train these types of attention:
  • Sustained Attention—working on a particular task over an extended period of time
  • Selective Attention—responding to a stimulus in the presence of competing stimuli
  • Alternating Attention—shifting attention appropriately from one area to another
  • Divided Attention—performing more than one activity at once or process multiple stimuli at once
The activities gradually increase in difficulty beginning with the completion of one-step, repetitive tasks (Sustained Attention) and progressing to tasks that require the processing of multiple details simultaneously (Divided Attention). The challenge, pace, and familiarity of the cards is a natural motivator for clients.