Abstract Categories

Kathryn J. Tomlin
  • Grades 11 - Adult
  • Ages 16 - Adult
  • Pages 40
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31111 ( MR #065963 )

*Not available separately (package component only)

Help adults develop the intangible skill of abstract categorization using functional content and a well-planned progression of task difficulty. Adult clients improve categorization, comprehension, and mental manipulation of abstract concepts with these ready-to-go lessons.
The content ranges from basic to moderate difficulty levels and reflects a variety of reasoning demands encountered in everyday cognitive and language tasks. Clients respond to the tasks by marking the correct answer, giving verbal answers, and writing one-word answers. A screening tool helps identify the client's reasoning strategies prior to designing therapy sessions.
The activities include:
  • selecting, matching, and sorting members of abstract categories (e.g., things that are pointed, things that are scented)
  • excluding words that don't belong in an abstract category (e.g., leopard, Dalmatian, volleyball, ladybug)
  • naming abstract categories and items in abstract categories (e.g., Name something small that begins with M.)
  • listing items by two attributes (e.g., things that keep you warm in the winter)

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