Kathryn J. Tomlin
  • Grades 11 - Adult
  • Ages 16 - Adult
  • Pages 40
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31113 ( MR #065965 )

*Not available separately (package component only)

Clients who have difficulty with logical thinking after neurological injury learn to make accurate deductions with these lessons. The lessons are controlled for language difficulty and have a systematic progression. The one-page activities give clients targeted practice in deductive reasoning from a variety of perspectives.
Simple, uncluttered pages and a carefully planned task sequence train clients to identify salient information and use convergent reasoning. Clients respond to the tasks by marking the correct answer, giving verbal answers, and writing one-word answers. A screening tool helps you identify the client's reasoning strategies prior to designing therapy sessions.
The activities include:
  • making word deductions from sentences and clues (e.g., What has pages, a cover, and is read?)
  • answering if/then questions
  • answering what, who, and which questions
  • determining figural and object classes from visual and verbal clues

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