Introduction to Communicative Disorders

Fifth Edition
M. N. Hegde
  • Pages 572
  • Format 7” x 11”
  • Copyright 2019
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Introduction to Communicative Disorders, Fifth Edition is an introduction to both the science of communication and the profession of communicative disorders. It shows how the field has evolved into a major scientific discipline and a health-care profession. With a simple writing style that avoids jargon, this effective, well-organized resource offers extensive and uniform coverage across issues and topics.
This fifth edition incorporates feedback from instructors across the United States and includes supplemental online resources for both instructors and students.
  1. Communication and Its Disorders
  2. Culture and Communication: Diversity and Disorders
  3. A Profile of Speech–Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  4. Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Language
  5. Speech Sound Learning and Disorders in Children
  6. Language Learning and Disorders in Children
  7. Fluency and Its Disorders
  8. Voice and Its Disorders
  9. Cleft Palate and Communicative Disorders
  10. Neurologically Based Communicative Disorders
  11. Special Topics in Speech–Language Pathology
  12. Literacy and Speech–Language Pathologists
  13. Audiology: Hearing and Its Disorders
  14. Aural Rehabilitation
  15. The Professions: Education and Organization

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