Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Third Edition
Nancy B. Swigert
  • Ages Birth to 18 years
  • Pages 362
  • Format 8½" x 11" softcover
  • Copyright 2023
  • Product Code 31751 ( MR #069530 )

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The recently revised third edition of The Source Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (formerly The Source for Pediatric Dysphagia) is designed to help keep your skills on the cutting edge of evaluation and treatment of infants and children with feeding and/or swallowing problems. Most chapters have been significantly updated to provide even more specific, hands-on information, and four chapters have been revised by guest authors, providing expertise in the areas of pediatric nutrition and breastfeeding, as well as issues in NICU and the school setting. The addition of information on cultural competency, continuing education, ethics, documentation, infection prevention and control, and telepractice is particularly relevant.
Updated and expanded evaluation tools and goals, broken down by category, are provided to help organize your treatment. Whether you are new to the subject area or a veteran, you’ll find practical information you need, such as anatomy and physiology; clinical evaluation; instrumentation; treatment; managing dysphagia in the school setting, and treatment. This book comes with additional printable pages of therapy tools.