Sticks and Stones

Donna Shelton
  • Grades / Interest Level 8 - 12, YA
  • Reading Level 3.5
  • Lexile Level HL360L
  • Format 5½" x 8¼"
  • Product Code SQ103X ( MR #062215 )
Contains subject matter that may be suitable for mature readers only.

Price $11.95

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After the rape, sixteen-year-old Peyton feels dirty. Lost. She could have fought harder. Screamed. Been more aggressive. Gotten him to stop. She knows Brad will get away with it. He’s gotten away with it before. The football team protects him. The school does too. It seems like everyone in town is on his side. Girls start to call her a skank. But Peyton is determined to get justice. Only she doesn’t know how. The dominoes begin to fall when the truth comes out. First to her best friend. Then to a pastor. Who leads her to a soft-spoken police detective …

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