Roadside Attraction

M.G. Higgins
  • Grades / Interest Level 8 - 12, YA
  • Reading Level 1.7
  • Lexile Level HL230L
  • Format 5½" x 8¼"
  • Product Code SQ1021 ( MR #064456 )

Price $11.95

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Logan’s grandparents own a store in the middle of nowhere. He’s devoted to them, even to the point of giving up his own dreams. Until one hitchhiker changes it all. Brooke. She’s young. Too young to be alone. As Logan watches, she shoplifts. After chasing her down, he realizes hitchhiking is the least of Brooke’s issues. Not knowing why, Logan is drawn to her. He insists on driving the young teen to her grandmother’s in Oklahoma. What begins as a road trip ends with life-altering realizations. About family. Obligations. Forgiveness.

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