Adolescent - Interactive Software

Carolyn M. LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP | Paul F. Johnson
  • Ages 11 - 18
  • Grades 6 - Adult
  • System Requirements WinXP or later, Not available for the MAC
  • Product Code 36203 ( MR #062341 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

An interactive game-show format teaches adolescents the rules of social communication and behavior, including everything from recognizing emotions to using social white lies and apologizing. There are six Jeopardy-type games for six skill areas (36 games total). Specific aspects of social behavior are addressed:

• Conversations: Learn the key elements of conversations including turn-taking, using appropriate nonverbal behaviors, responding to conversation openers, maintaining conversation, repairing communication errors, and more

• Emotions: Understand emotions and how to express them appropriately including self-control in emotionally-charged situations, understanding others' emotional states, exploring how degrees of emotion affect responses, and more

• Getting Along: Learn the basics such as using kind words, asking appropriate questions, giving constructive criticism, using social white lies, and more

• Interpersonal Negotiation: Understand each party's perspective, find solutions that satisfy both parties, be a good sport, and more

• Making Social Inferences: Practice making accurate inferences and responding appropriately, understand and interpret indirect requests, make appropriate social comments, and more

• Nonverbal Language: Learn to observe and interpret facial expressions and body language

A total of 576 multiple-choice items give a comprehensive and motivating way to learn and practice social skills. The difficulty increases as the games progress across a skill area. Play individually for focused practice and instructions or competitively with two players for review and reinforcement. The scores are automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. All items are narrated.

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