Reasoning & Problem Solving

Carolyn M. LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP | Paul F. Johnson
  • Ages 6 - 12
  • Grades 1 - 7
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #062990 )

Build basic reasoning skills with step-by-step instruction in six crucial areas. The activities are designed to build success at every level. Students become purposeful, active thinkers as they focus on one thinking strategy at a time.

Each book targets a specific reasoning and problem solving skill and develops metacognitive thinking with:

• activities sequenced by complexity
• visual cues that are gradually faded
• skills defined in student-friendly terms
• a variety of curricular and daily living topics
• simple sentence structure and vocabulary so students can focus on learning the concepts
• minimal writing requirements at the beginning levels
• a pretest/posttest