HELP for Grammar (Book)

Andrea M. Lazzari
  • Ages 8 - Adult
  • Grades 3 - Adult
  • Pages 191
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31609 ( MR #064128 )

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Get an expansive range of grammar skills and exercises in one book. The lessons can be used for oral and written language skills.

• Nouns—Learn about common nouns, proper nouns, and regular and irregular plural nouns. Discriminate between common and proper nouns and plural and possessive forms. Categorize nouns and identify nouns and subjects in sentences.
• Pronouns—Identify pronouns including possessive pronouns and referent pronouns.
• Adjectives—Identify adjectives and match them with nouns.
• Verbs—Identify verbs and understand noun-verb agreement. Use helping verbs, regular and irregular past tense verbs, and future tense verbs. Use negatives with verbs and form contractions.
• Adverbs—Identify adverbs and match them with verbs.
• Direct Objects—Identify objects and compound objects. Match verbs with objects.
• Prepositions—Identify prepositions and match objects with prepositions.
• Questions—Discriminate questions from statements. Ask wh-, can, and may questions. Change word order to form questions.
• Conjunctions, Interjections, Prefixes, and Suffixes—Identify conjunctions, interjections, prefixes, and suffixes. Tell how prefixes and suffixes change word meanings.
• Applying Grammar Skills in Context—Use new grammar skills in sentences. Manipulate parts of speech in grammatically correct ways, while taking the context into consideration.

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