HELP for Word Finding (Book)

Andrea M. Lazzari | Patricia M. Peters
  • Ages 6 - Adult
  • Grades 1 - Adult
  • Pages 179
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31614 ( MR #064136 )

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Use six approaches to improve word finding: associations, themes, definitions, questions, parts of speech, and context.  Hundreds of stimuli help clients recall a variety of words.
Written in the best-selling format of the HELP series, these lessons have:
  • goal-driven activities
  • high quality, timeless content
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • gradual increase in complexity within and between activities
  • application to a wide range of developmental and acquired disorders
Stimulate word retrieval and rapid recall with lessons organized by these areas:  
Automatic Associations
Recall words through familiar associations like rhymes, songs, and story titles; common foods, people, nouns, and verbs; name brands; abbreviations, geographical words; and similes, idioms, and proverbs.
Descriptive phrases help clients recall 24 words for each theme.  The themes are everyday subjects like clothing, school, furniture, forest, and transportation.  
Retrieve a variety of words based on their brief definitions.  Clients identify objects, actions, and situations; identify items by their word class; and supply opposites and synonyms.  
Answering Questions
Answer wh- questions with word banks, without word banks, and in fill-in-the-blank formats.  
Parts of Speech
Supply nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions using word banks and fill-in-the-blank formats.  
Using Context
Practice word finding with common conversational statements, themes, inferences in sentences, common sayings, and survival words.

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