Science Shorts

Set of 2

John Hallenbeck
  • Reading Level 3 - 4.5
  • Grades / Interest Level 6 - 12
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These two engaging, activity-packed workbooks were developed to give meaningful experiences to students who are more successful with short lessons. Each 15-minute activity gets science classes off to a great start, and help students relate science concepts to "real life" situations.

The program was created to meet the following criteria:

1. A curriculum is needed that is presented simply without talking down to students.
2. Lessons to link science concepts to "real life" situations.
3. There is a need for reinforcement and enrichment activities that promote the retention of basic science vocabulary terms.
4. Information provided needs to instill an appreciation of and respect for nature.
5. Students needs to be given knowledge that will provide them with a fuller and safer life.

Each Science Shorts book has 50 reproducible lessons in the a variety of fun categories.