General Science

John Hallenbeck
  • Reading Level 3 - 4.5
  • Grades / Interest Level 6 - 12
  • Pages 120
  • Format 8.5" x 11" (spiral-bound)
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This book provides an introduction to physical science. Weather, disease, inventions, and all other topics are intended to offer a broad based understanding of the cause and effect of life on earth and in our environment. Also, an underlying attempt is made to instill a social conscience toward the fragility of the balance of nature.
Lessons include Tick Attack; Big Bolts; Water We Doing; The Squeeze; Can You Dig It?; The Wright Stuff; Tooth or False?; Planet Blue; Amazing Maize; Tremble; Let It Snow; Get the Point; Sunny Weather Warning; The Dirty Thirties; Tree Cookies; Nice Job, Mom; Cactus Bomb; Eggs change; A Dark Secret; Roll Out the Barrel; Over There; A Perfect World; Dead Lakes; Rock Secrets; Free Chickens; Down Under; The Planters; Hang On; Stand Up; You, the Scientist; more.
Each science short story is accompanied by four activities: Vocab Corner (use of vocabulary words in a puzzle, riddle, or poem); Just for Fun (word puzzle); In Your Words (crossword puzzle or word blocks) or Crack the Code (an ABC picture code or a hidden message); and A Science Stretch (an activity requiring students to go beyond the given information.
The large spiral-bound format allows for easy photocopying, and a complete Answer Key follows the Teaching Suggestions at the front of the book.
Includes a comprehensive Glossary, where students can locate not only the definition of scientific terms but the number of the lesson in which they appear. There is also a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the book.

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  • Table of Contents

  • "Tick Attack"

  • "You, The Scientist"

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