for Apraxia Preschool

2-book set
Robin Strode Downing | Catherine E. Chamberlain
  • Ages 2 - 6
  • Grades Todller - 1
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Tyler Turtle and friends lead multisensory, systematic therapy activities for preschoolers with speech difficulties.  The comprehensive program emphasizes sound sequencing and building sound and syllable complexity.
Experienced and beginning clinicians love the Easy Does It series for its:
  • detailed explanation of therapy techniques
  • systematic lesson plans
  • clear goals and objectives
  • student practice activities and materials
Easy Does It for Apraxia Preschool is for children who:
  • are nonverbal or have unintelligible speech with age-appropriate receptive skills
  • have inconsistent error patterns
  • don't show progress with traditional therapy approaches
  • demonstrate motor-planning deficits for speech
  • lose intelligibility at the sentence level
  • have increased errors when using complex phonetic combinations
The program is organized around six treatment levels or goals.  Each treatment level is divided into sequential objectives.  There are detailed, step-by-step therapy suggestions and activities for each objective.  The treatment levels/goals are:
  1. establish turn-taking and imitative behaviors
  2. consistent production of vowel sounds and sequences, and isolated consonants
  3. combine consonants and vowels to form syllables
  4. produce one-syllable CVC words
  5. produce multisyllabic words and use them in phrases
  6. produce consonant blends in words and in phrases
The program uses multisensory teaching with action and play-based activities.  The reproducible pages include: picture cards, hand signal cards, worksheets, and activities featuring Tyler Turtle and friends.  
The convenient program also includes:
  • word, phrase, and sentence lists
  • consonant inventory form
  • parent interview form
  • parent progress sheet
  • observation form
  • therapy tracking form
  • sample lesson plans

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