Chippy Plays School

Kristi Chamberlain
  • Ages 2 - 7
  • Grades Toddler - 2
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Pages 14
  • Product Code 31056 ( MR #065307 )

Price $16.00

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Chippy Plays School teaches children to use oral airflow to produce the /h/ sound. This is the second book in a 6-book series for children who have a repaired cleft palate and limited intelligibility due to compensatory errors.

This book builds on the skill of using oral airflow for speech production (a skill targeted in Chippy Has a Birthday). Children use oral airflow to produce the /h/ sound without allowing the vocal folds to come together in a glottal stop (a common compensatory error for children with cleft palate speech).

The captivating illustrations help children visualize the skills as they learn. Clinician's notes are provided to more fully explain therapy techniques, troubleshoot potential problems, and give tips for successful sound production, and elimination of glottal stops. Activities to further develop the target skills are listed on the last page of the book.

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