Acoustic Tasks

Kerry Winget
  • Ages 6 - 12
  • Grades 1 - 7
  • Pages 155
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Train sound awareness for skills in auditory attention and discrimination. The tasks in monaural listening, monaural alternating listening, and dichotic listening are presented on the audio CD. All of the remaining activities are presented by the therapist in a hierarchy of steady to variable background noise. The activities include:

• Dichotic Listening—binaural listening, monaural listening, monaural alternative listening, listening localization, and dichotic listening

• Temporal Patterning—differentiate same and different sound patterns; listen to- and demonstrate patterns of pitch, loudness, and duration

• Auditory Discrimination—discriminate vowel, consonant, and compound word contrasts; develop auditory vigilance

Differential Processing Training Program <show description>