Reading Fluency

book with CD
Nancy B. Swigert
  • Grades 1 - 12
  • Ages 6 - Adult
  • Pages 273
  • Product Code 31728 ( MR #065873 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

Help your struggling readers read quickly enough and well enough to keep up with their grade-level peers by training the underlying processes of naming-speed, word recognition, and semantics. When instruction in phonological awareness and decoding skill just isn't enough, this extensive resource provides important information and strategies to help non-fluent readers increase their speed and smoothness of reading.
Strategies and activities are provided for these skill areas:
  • speed of reading written letter patterns
  • speed of reading syllable and word patterns
  • decoding multi-syllabic words
  • recognizing sight words
  • building word retrieval, semantics, and vocabulary
  • speed of reading connected text
You'll have page after page of activities to promote reading fluency, including:
  • rhymes
  • silly stories
  • word retrieval tasks
  • vocabulary webs
  • speed drills
  • card games
  • vocabulary webs
  • repeat reading
  • echo reading
  • prosody
A chapter on assessment presents information on testing instruments commonly used to assess all components of reading and related underlying skills. The chapter also helps to identify which students have a reading fluency disorder.
Progress charts, reinforcement pages, word and syllable lists, and resource and reference lists round out this great resource. Copy the student activity pages or print them from the CD.

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