Executive Functioning

Kathryn J. Tomlin
  • Ages Adolescents - Adults
  • Pages 200
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Stimulate neurologically-impaired clients’ executive functioning with activities that use relevant content, themed around home activities and home maintenance.
Written in the best-selling format of the WALC series, Executive Functioning includes reproducible exercises and activities that can be used in individual or group situations.

•Many of the tasks involve working memory, which taps into the client’s general knowledge base, and encourages the client to ask others for help or to use whatever is available to gain the information they need to answer a question accurately.

•Most of the tasks provide answers for the client to choose from, which stimulates two specific thinking processes:
- First, it causes the client to evaluate all of the choices to determine whether the provided items fit the question, giving the client practice with self-analyzing and selection based on fact and appropriateness.
- Second, as these exercises were not developed for word finding or memory for general information improvement, the client won’t be penalized if he has those deficits along with executive thinking deficits.

•Many of the items have multiple appropriate answers, which gives the client practice with thought flexibility.

•Many of the exercises have already been answered and the client must analyze whether the selected response was accurate. This provides practice with meta-cognitive skills for identifying, analyzing and planning.

•Several exercises have no right or wrong answers, as the responses will be based on the client’s subjective opinions and preferences.

•Many of the tasks will assist the client in developing decision-making skills, based on fact as opposed to unverified opinions.

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