SPARC for Phonology

Susan Thomsen | Kathy Donnelly
  • Ages 4 - 10
  • Grades PK - 5
  • Pages 167
  • Format 11" x 8.5"
  • Product Code 31163 ( MR #065588 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

This resource of 1,280 pictures and auditory bombardment lists for articulation therapy is organized by phonological processes and designed for quick, precise measures of production.

Busy clinicians rely on the Stimulus Pictures for Assessment, Remediation, and Carryover (SPARC) series for:
• tons of picture stimuli
• convenience and portability
• systematic measures of speed and accuracy of production
• use in a variety of therapy approaches

SPARC for Phonology is a comprehensive compilation of pictures (80 pages of 16-picture grids) and auditory bombardment lists. The pictures and lists are arranged by phonological process and include single-syllable and multisyllabic words.

The pictures target fifteen phonological processes:
• Syllable Reduction
• Initial Consonant Deletion
• Final Consonant Deletion
• Cluster Reduction (pre- and postvocalic)
• Gliding
• Vowelization
• Fronting (pre- and postvocalic)
• Backing
• Stopping (pre- and postvocalic)
• Stridency Deletion (pre- and postvocalic)
• Affrication (pre- and postvocalic)
• Deaffrication
• Voicing
• Devoicing

Use the pictures and word lists to:
• deep test phonological patterns
• determine error consistency
• imitate picture names
• label pictures and answer questions about them
• make up sentences about the pictures
• copy and send home for practice