The WORD Test 2 – Adolescent


Linda Bowers, MA, CCC-SLP | Rosemary Huisingh, MA, CCC-SLP | Carolyn M. LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP | Jane Orman, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Ages 12 - 17
  • Grades 7 - 12
  • Testing Time 30 minutes
  • Administration Individual
  • Product Code 34170 ( MR #017266 )

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The WORD Test 2–Adolescent helps you identify the semantic weaknesses that hinder academic, social, and vocational success. Test results show you why your students struggle with words and meanings of language, fail to adequately interpret new content, and use non-descriptive language.
The WORD Test 2–Adolescent measures a students facility with language and word meaning using common and unique contexts. The test surveys six semantic and vocabulary skill areas reflective of curriculum vocabulary and everyday usage Each of the six subtests is composed of 15 items.
  • Associations – Students choose the one semantically unrelated word among four words and explain the choice in relation to the category of the other three words
  • Synonyms – Students give a one-word synonym for each stimulus word
  • Semantic Absurdities – Students identify and repair an absurd statement
  • Antonyms – Students express a one-word opposite
  • Definitions – Students are asked to define words  
  • Flexible Word Use – Students give multiple meanings for words
  • All new stimulus items taken directly from age-appropriate classroom curriculum to test the words students need to know
  • All new norms that provide age equivalency, percentile rank, and standard score for each subtest and total test
  • All new diagnostic information offering concrete suggestions for remediation based on test performance