Speech and Language Development Chart (25 Mini-Posters)

25 mini-posters
Peggy Kipping | Addy Gard | Leslea Gilman | Jim Gorman
  • Target Group Birth to 7 years
  • Format 11" x 34" mini-posters (25)
  • Product Code 13719 ( MR #056560 )

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This third edition of the Speech and Language Development Chart (mini-posters pack) serves as a quick and colorful guide for SLPs, pediatricians, parents, early childhood specialists, and teachers of children, preschool through grade 2. The chart has been completely redesigned to appeal to a contemporary audience with clear descriptions, full-color photographs, and updated content and references. All those concerned with child development will find themselves frequently referring to these charts and mini-posters for their own reference, as a training tool, or as a starting point for discussion and collaboration.
The developmental milestones are arranged into 14 age categories, ranging from birth to 7 years of age. Each age segment lists age appropriate skills in the areas of speech, meaning and concepts, grammar, interactions and expression, and play and movement.
Each mini-poster is full-colour 11" x 34" and perfect for sharing with parents, paraprofessionals, and colleagues.