Following Directions

Kathryn J. Tomlin
  • Grades 11 - Adult
  • Ages 16 - Adult
  • Pages 40
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31114 ( MR #065966 )

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Improve direction-following by targeting the underlying processes of language comprehension and reasoning. Clients follow simple to complex directions with varied content and formats. The lesson content is pertinent to adults and carefully designed to accommodate limited language abilities of clients with neurological impairments.
Skills trained in the beginning activities are reinforced and built upon in subsequent lessons. Clients respond to the tasks by marking the correct answer, physically following commands, and completing simple drawings. A screening tool helps you identify the client's use of strategies and reasoning patterns prior to designing therapy sessions.
The activities include:
  • one-, two-, and three-step movement commands
  • concrete and abstract two- and four-component directions
  • conditional directions
  • directions with pictures and numbers
  • written directions

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