Level 1: THIRST

Lisa Benjamin
  • Grades / Interest Level 6 - 12
  • Reading Level 1
  • Ages 11 - 18+
  • Genre Fantasy
  • Lexile Level 140 - 240
  • Word Usage 950 most frequent words
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #065836 )
Teenage Vampires in the Shadow Lands

Thirst is the first set of five stories in the Shadow Lands multi-reading-level series, for struggling or reluctant readers in middle school and high school who need more practice with commonly used vocabulary. There are five stories at this level available as individual 48-page books or all in one book (The Collection).
The Thirst Stories
Lilly and David are vampires. That's a hard secret to keep, especially when you're pretending to be normal high school kids. Lilly is really 200 years old. David is 18, but his old friends don't know he's a new vampire. Will Lilly and David be able to keep their secret?
Hunted - A vampire hunter comes to West Bend to kill Lilly and David. Who will win this fight? Lexile: 160
The Prom - David is angry when another boy asks his ex-girlfriend to the prom. Is David angry enough to kill? Lilly hopes not.
Lexile: 140
Bad Blood - David decides to try a new blood drink that comes in a can. What he does next is scary-and only Lilly can stop him.
Lexile: 180
The Royal - David joins the track team and runs too fast to be human. Then a Royal shows up-and David learns a hard lesson about breaking vampire rules.
Lexile: 200
Dark Forest - A strange girl is found injured in the Dark Forest. Lilly and David have to find out who-or what-she is before people get hurt.
Lexile: 240

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