Jennifer Liss
  • Reading Level 3
  • Ages 11 - 18+
  • Grades / Interest Level 6 - 12
  • Genre Fantasy
  • Lexile Level 300 - 410
  • Word Usage 1,450 most frequent words
  • Product Code SERIES ( MR #065839 )
Teenage Demon-Hunters in the Shadow Lands

Blackwings is the final set of five stories in the Shadow Lands multi-reading-level series, for struggling or reluctant readers in middle school and high school who need more practice with commonly used vocabulary. There are five stories at this level available as individual 48-page books or all in one book (The Collection).
The Blackwings Stories
All around the city, people are getting sick, and accidents are happening. Most of us can't see what's causing the problems. The Blackwings can. They see the Shadow Demons. Gabe is a college student, the oldest demon-hunter still fighting. Alexis is a high school student who wanted to be left alone, but hunts demons as part of a team. DeAndre is the latest to realize what's going on, and it cancels the big plans he had for his life.
The Shadow Demons are attacking. They eat the life out of people. They must be stopped.
Outbreak - When the class president starts acting strangely, Alexis knows Shadow Demons are behind it. If there's one in the school, she knows more are coming. She tries to fight them alone, and it's not going well.
Lexile: 360
The Play - DeAndre doesn't know anything about Shadow Demons. Gabe sees him under attack and tries to help, but when he realizes DeAndre can see them, too, he sees there's hope for Rockport. Lexile: 300
Forgotten - When Serena, who taught Gabe how to fight, comes back to town, the Blackwings are happy to have her around. Then things start to go wrong. What they discover is a new danger they will all soon face.
Lexile: 380
Lost Hope - The Blackwings work as a team. Alexis and DeAndre have been fighting, but Gabe has been too busy. They know this isn't like him, but they don't know why until they hunt demons near the hospital. That's when everything goes wrong.
Lexile: 340
Demon Pit - No matter how many Shadow Demons they hunt, the Blackwings know there will always be more. What if they could find out where their enemies were coming from? Could they stop the attacks?
Lexile: 410

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