Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards With Technology (Grades 3 - 5)

What They Say, What They Mean, How to Teach Them

Linda M. Gojak | Ruth Harbin Miles
  • Grades 3 - 5
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Your user’s guide to the mathematics standards

In the 12 short months since the ELA versions of The Common Core Companions, Grades K-2 and 3-5, burst on the scene, they’ve already assisted tens of thousands of teachers with the day-to-day “what you do.” Teachers’ one big criticism: what about mathematics? Luckily NCTM past-president Linda Gojak and mathematics coach Ruth Harbin Miles stepped up to the task. The result? That version of the mathematics standards you wish you had.

Page by page, The Common Core Mathematics Companions clearly lay out:

•The mathematics embedded in each standard for a deeper understanding of the content
•Examples of what effective teaching and learning look like in the classroom
•Connected standards within each domain so teachers can better appreciate how they relate
•Priorities within clusters so teachers know where to focus their time
•The three components of rigor: conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and applications
•Vocabulary and suggested materials for each grade-level band with explicit connections to the standards
•Common student misconceptions around key mathematical ideas with ways to address them
Don’t spend another minute poring over the mathematics standards. Gojak and Miles have already done the heavy-lifting for you. Focus instead on how to teach them, using The Common Core Mathematics Companion as your one-stop guide for teaching, planning, assessing, collaborating, and designing powerful mathematics curriculum.

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