A World Underground

Susan Rose Simms
  • Grades / Interest Level 5 - 12
  • Reading Level 3
  • Lexile HL690
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  • Pages 48
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What secrets are hidden by the darkness of a cave? Are there animals or plants that never see the light of day? Different kinds of caves are located all over Earth. Amazing rock shapes and odd forms of like can be found in many of them. Take a closer look at the underground world of caves!
Glossary: adapt, algae, antennae, caver, cavern, crystal, fossils, fungi, geologist, glaciers, lava, Neanderthal, rappel, reed, regulator, species, stalactite, stalagmite
Table of Contents
  • Types of Caves
  • Cave Dwellers of the Past
  • Amazing Caves
  • Biggest, Longest, and Deepest
  • Life in the Depths
  • Exploring Caves

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