The Kingdom of Kush

Lydia Lukidis
  • Grades / Interest Level 5 - 12
  • Reading Level 3
  • Lexile HL700
  • Format 5½" x 8½"
  • Pages 48
  • Product Code 2364-1 ( MR #068711 )

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What ancient African people built pyramids, used picture writing, and lived along the Nile River? You might think of the people of ancient Egypt-but the description also fits the Kush! The Kingdom of Kush was south of Egypt. Its people traded with Egypt and went to war against Egypt. At one time, they even ruled Egypt! Learn more about the Kush and how they built a mighty kingdom in the desert sand.
Book includes map, timeline and a glossary.
Glossary: agriculture, archaeologist, archer, artisan, civilization, decline, deplete, dynasty, economy, excavate, flourish, hierarchy, hieroglyphics, monarchy, natural resources, noble, pharaoh, precious, scribe, tomb
Table of Contents
Digging for Secrets
A Kingdom Rises
The Kush Way of Life
The Kush Economy
Highlights of the Kingdom of Kush
A Kingdom Falls

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