The First Persian Empire

Lydia Lukidis
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The First Persian Empire was the largest and best-organized civilization of the ancient world. It had a 1,500-mile road connecting its trade routes, as well as the first mail service. The Persians were expert metal workers, and their cities were advanced for their time. The empire lasted more than 200 years. How did it thrive? What made it come to an end?
Book includes maps, timeline, diagram and a glossary.
Glossary: agriculture, archaeologist, artisan, civilization, conquer, currency, decline, economy, empire, excavate, griffin, hierarchy, intolerant, irrigate, monarchy, natural resources, noble, rebellion, relief carving, retreat, tomb
Table of Contents
The Hidden City
The Persians Rise
The Persian Lifestyle
The Persian Economy
Highlights of the First Persian Empire
The Collapse of the First Persian Empire

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