The Shang Dynasty

Lydia Lukidis
  • Grades / Interest Level 5 - 12
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  • Lexile HL690
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More than 3,600 years ago, the Shang Dynasty arose beside the Yellow River in China. The Shang people lived in northeast China for almost 600 years. They were expert bronze workers, they invented a calendar, and their writing led to today’s Chinese writing. The carved bones they left behind guided archaeologists to discover much about their culture. Learn more about the Shang!
Book includes maps, timeline, diagram and a glossary.
Glossary: agriculture, archaeologist, artisan, chariot, civilization, conquer, defect, divination, dynasty, economy, excavate, fertile, hierarchy, labor, legend, monarchy, natural resources, noble, ornate, primitive, rebellion, tomb, tyrant
Table of Contents:
Digging Up Dragon Bones
The Rise of a Dynasty
The Shang Lifestyle
The Shang Economy
Highlights of the Shang Dynasty
The Collapse of the Shang Dynasty

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